sp5es SP5ES
Hi I'm Martin. 
As a matter of fact I'm a straigt A member of SP5PBE RC! 
I know enough to wear call SP5ES.

Callsign: SP5ES

Name:  Marcin Adamowicz
Address: Warszawa,
Phone: (022) 625 51 96
Mobile:  (0505) 73 96 92
e-mail: sp5es(o)sp5pbe.waw.pl 
Locator: KO02MF
Status: active; HF, SPFF operations

Licensed in 1972 as SP5GOR. Call changed in 1979 to SP5ES.
First polish guest operation in Austria (1977) as SP5GOR/OE.
Guest operator on 4U1ITU (1978).

Member of SP DX Club.

Serving as QSL manager for 3W1D and 3W1DK (mail drop only - no service). Please send cards now only to -
operators UA3DK and UV3HD,today RU3HD. 3W1D logs available in LoTW.


SPFF  activities - Flora & Fauna

Starting 19-09-2010 -145 different activities from 70 different WFF - has been provided, many are activated to the first time.
Most of acitivietes are made from car. Antennas used Hustler monobander mobile whip and sometimes Windom FD-3.

Please send cards via buro, LoTW or direct via P.O. Box.


Light House activities

16-19.Aug 2007 took a place activity from light house in Jastarnia ARLHS - POL10, SPPA - FPK; SPFF - 064as SP5ES/2 and also SN2JS - special event call of SP5KCR members crew. SP5ES logs available in LoTW and e-QSL. SN2JS via SP5KCR.
Aug 2008 - another light house activity SP5ES/2 - from Stilo ARLHS POL 17, SPPA FWJ, PGA - WJ04.
Also active as SP5ES/5 from village Łosie nr Radzymin , SPPA RWX, PGA - WX09.

Light house operation 2009 took place with special call HF5ES from :
- Jastarnia Harbour West/East Pier -                       POL 81/POL 82; SPPA - FPK; PGA PK-02; SPFF- 064
- Jastarnia Wieś - as HF5ES/p -                                POL 10 ; SPPA - FPK; PGA PK-02; SPFF- 064
- Hill of Swedish - historical object -as HF5ES/P   POL 43 - ; SPPA- FPK; PGA PK-01; SPFF- 064

9 Aug 2009 took place first activity as SP5ES/2 from new light house - Jastarnia Harbour Leading Light High- reference
POL 86 . SPPA - FPK; PGA PK-02; SPFF- 064

15-09-2010 - 31-12.-2010 - qrv as HF2010CY to celebrate the Frideric Chopin Year 2010 and 200 anniversary of his birthday


Activity Azores CT8

In period 17-29 March 2010 took place hollyday DX pedition to Azores, Sao Miguel Isl, EU-003 by Marcin SP5ES/ CR1M and Tomek SP5UAF / CR1Z. Name of QTH - village is Ginetes- with low power 100 w, wire antennas, low band + multiband verticals and spider beam.

Operation calls were CT8/SP5ES and CR1M by SP5ES, and CT8/SP5UAF and CR1Z by SP5UAF.

We approval for WLOTA 2016 has been obtained.

There were also RU DX Contest and WPX Contest limited operation.

QSL via home call CR1M via SP5ES, CR1Z via SP5UAF.

Operation finished at afternoon 29-03-2010 logging abt. 10.700 qso (two calls). Log are checked and debugged, uploaded into LotW now.

All cards has been send - no respecting if the QSLs received.
If qsl has been not received, please write an email or send remaider via buro - write clearly - SECOND QSL.
I am not member of CT buro!

Directs all - sent 19-07-2010.
Buro cards all sent 23-07-2010 via PZK - central QSL buro.